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New Linkedin group for Host Leadership

27 Jan

Linkedin logoI have started a Linkedin group on the topic of Host Leadership –  Please go and join now – it’s public and free, and will serve as a place for information and discussion about the metaphor of host as leader and leader as host.  There are already over 10 members and we’ve been open less than a day!  An encouraging number of people are downloading the paper – do it now at


Servant leadership and host leadership

14 Jan

I am often asked about the differences between ‘servant leadership’ – the pioneering work based on Robert K Greenleaf’s metaphor of leaders as servant to their community – and ‘host leadership’.

On a straightforward level, of course, they are different metaphors.  I would say that serving is a key part of the work of a host, and hosts have a great focus on providing for their guests.  However, there is more to hosting than service.  Continue reading

The website is launched

9 Jan

An exciting way to start 2010 for us – the launch of Mark McKergow’s new website dedicated to the metaphor of leader as host and host as leader.  With Mark’s paper on the topic attracting international applause and recognition, this site is a focus for those who are enthusastic about this metaphor, those who want to apply it to their work as leaders, and those who want to learn about the idea.  On the site you can Continue reading