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The host and the manager – keeping inbetween in an emergent world

22 Feb

I (Mark) run an online course with the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Solutions Focus Business Professional.  Over 16 weeks we cover all kinds of aspects of the SF approach relating to management and coaching, with a worldwide group – it’s a fantastic experience.  One of the readings is my Leader as Host, Host as Leader paper.  Krassimir Yanev, one of our participants from Bulgaria (pictured right), offered this great summary connecting the manager as host with the idea of ‘Inbetween’ from The Solutions Focus book: Continue reading


Leadership and Hosting evening – Mosimann’s club, London, Wed 7 March 2012

8 Feb

The act of hosting – inviting, offering, sharing – is as ancient as humanity itself,  crossing cultural, geographical and historical divides. In this time of financial crisis and global uncertainty, what can leaders learn from hosting?

Leadership expert Dr Mark McKergow will show you how this new paradigm of “leader as host” unlocks valuable insights and practical steps for engaging people, building relationships and delighting customers – particularly in challenging times.   Continue reading

Fred Goodwin – bad hosting cost him his knightood?

1 Feb

Fred-Goodwin - not 'Sir' FredFred Goodwin, former CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), has been unprecedentedly stripped of the knighthood he was awarded in 2004 for services to banking.   UK readers will be familiar with the story: Goodwin led the takeover of ABN Amro by RBS in 2007 which ended up being a major contributor to RBS’s failure and bail-out, costing the British taxpayer £45bn in bail-out money.  Goodwin then left RBS with a huge payout and a £705,000 a year pension, to which he managed to cling (citing contractual obligations) until late 2009 when some he relunctantly surrendered £200k pa.     Continue reading