Leadership and Hosting evening – Mosimann’s club, London, Wed 7 March 2012

8 Feb

The act of hosting – inviting, offering, sharing – is as ancient as humanity itself,  crossing cultural, geographical and historical divides. In this time of financial crisis and global uncertainty, what can leaders learn from hosting?

Leadership expert Dr Mark McKergow will show you how this new paradigm of “leader as host” unlocks valuable insights and practical steps for engaging people, building relationships and delighting customers – particularly in challenging times.  

This groundbreaking work is fast gaining acclaim by leaders worldwide and, founded on the time-honoured yet universally recognised concept of hosting, it offers a fresh and resonant approach to the fast-paced global nature of today’s economy.

As its originating author, we are honoured to have Dr McKergow lead an interactive evening of “Host Leadership at Mosimann’s” where you will enjoy a specially-designed four-course dinner with matching wines while trying out key elements of host leadership for yourself.

Located in the heart of London’s Belgravia, Mosimann’s Club is one of the most prestigious private dining clubs in the world.  Set in a stunningly-converted 19th Century church, chef Anton Mosimann and his team provide wonderful hosting as well as world-class food.  This is a wonderful setting to explore the metaphor of Leader as Host and Host as Leader.

Full details and booking on the Host Leadership website at http://www.hostleadership.com/jsp/index.jsp?lnk=960.


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