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Hosts spot what is missing and gently act

12 Mar

I remember seeing Alan Aykbourn’s play Absent Friends some years ago at the theatre.  The main character is Colin, whose fiance has just been drowned and has been invited for a tea-party with friends  to help him get over it.  The friends are determined not to let this unhappy event mar the event, and so go to great efforts not to mention it.  This being Aykbourn, confusion, comedy and pathos follow; for example when asked how she likes her tea one of the character unthinkingly replies “just a spot of milk… don’t drown it!”.  Continue reading


Leadership and Hosting: Mosimann’s event report

8 Mar

Around 30 people gathered yesterday at the exclusive Mosimann’s dining club in the heart of London’s Belgravia for a ground-breaking event.  Firstly, this was the inaugral Leaders@Mosimanns dinner, hosted by Elaine Mosimann as a way of connecting her twin passions of leadership development and fine dining.  In addition, it was the first event in the UK to centre on the new leadership paradigm of ‘Leader as Host, Host as Leader’.  Continue reading